Rules & Regulations

Articles of Incorporation - Riverlake Community Association

Articles of Incorporation - Riverlake lake Association

Architectural Control Guidelines

Collection Policy

Current Year-End Audit - Riverlake Community Association

Current Year-End Audit - Riverlake Lake Association

Election Rules - Riverlake Community Association

Election Rules - Riverlake Lake Association

Riverlake Community Association Results
529.00  Bob Ceccato, Incumbent
358.00  Stacey Hunter-Schwartz
517.00  Kingman Louie
580.00 Write-In: Brian James

Riverlake Lake Association Results
1265.50  Tamara Dawn, Incumbent
1300.50  Stacey Hunter-Schwartz, Incumbent
1209.25  Deborah Kristian
0055.00  Write-in: Brian James
0025.00  Write-in: Kingman Louie

2018 election resultS

Bylaws establish policies and procedures for the governing of an association.  They set qualifications for the election of directors, their number and term of office, their powers and duties, the appointment of officers, when and how meetings are held, quorum and voting requirements, appointment of committees, etc.

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Bylaws – Current – Riverlake Community Association
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Bylaws – Current – Riverlake Lake Association
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Bylaws – Restated – Riverlake Community Association
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Bylaws – Restated – Riverlake Lake Association
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Bylaws – Restated – Summary of Bylaw Change Spreadsheet

policy review

30-Day Review - Palm Tree Policy

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Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) describe the rights and obligations of the membership to the association and the association to the membership.​

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CC&Rs – Current
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CC&Rs – Restated

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CC&Rs – Restated – Summary of Significant Changes
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CC&Rs – Restated – Summary of CC&R Change Spreadsheet