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Dear Riverlake Members,

The 29
th Annual Meeting of the Membership was held on November 12, 2015 at St. Anthony's Parish located at 660 Florin Road. 

The following Board Member's were elected, we will have the Inspectors of Election Report  posted on Monday, November 16th. The report will show the number of votes cast for each candidate. 

 Riverlake Community Association 
 Bernard Bowler  707
 Cyrus Hui 584
 Jon Sperring  530
 Theresa Taylor-Carroll  430

 Riverlake Lake Association
 Cyrus Hui  1,564
 Keith Swanson  1,113
 Mike Landeck   843


The Allocation of Excess Funds was voted for in favor to take the allocation of excess funds to the subsequent year's operating budget, as recommended by the Board of Directors. (According to IRS Ruling 70-604)    

The 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved to waive the reading of the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes and approved them as written. 


Board Meetings

The COMMUNITY will have a board meeting that is scheduled for Thursday, January 28. The meeting is being held at St. Anthony's Parish.

The LAKE will have a board meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday, January 27. The meeting is being held at the Riverlake Office.

*Please note RLA board meetings are typically held on the fourth Wednesday of each month and RCA board meetings are typically held on the fourth Thursday of every month.



Hello Riverlake Community Association Members! We need volunteers for our 2016 committees. A response is needed by January 4th, please click on the link below and fill out the form and send it back to our office if interested in participating. 

Volunteer Application Form 

Getting Involved in the Riverlake Community

This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise, energy, and talents to serve on a Riverlake Community Committee.  We are currently extending our annual recruitment opportunity for new volunteers to join a committee or for current committee members to sign up for another fantastic year. 

During 2015, all the committee Chairpersons and members achieved the objectives placed before them with hard work and dedication. Thank you to all of you who have helped us accomplish this. As we look forward to another fantastic year.

We are receiving applications until Monday, January 4, 2015. Please list your committee preferences and both Board Presidents will review all submissions and approve each submission based on your background, experience, skills, and talents in line with the committee’s responsibilities and duties.  Below is a list of all the different committees. Please keep in mind that the responsibilities and duties are not an inclusive list.

1)     Architectural Review: (Designer, Architect, Real Estate, Interior Designer)

Volunteers should be subject matter experts and/or have a professional degree or other background in design, land planning, engineering, architecture, law or some other field related to the functions to be performed by the Committee.

The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for:

  • Administering rules and regulations set forth in the Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for architectural improvements.
  • Reviewing submitted architectural plans and approving plans based on the relevant CC&Rs.
  • Conducting site visits of residents and business owners who submit architectural plans.

2)     Finance: (Accounting, Legal, Financial Planning, Budget Experience)

Volunteers should be subject matter experts and/or should have a professional degree or be suitably knowledgeable in matters pertaining to finance.

The Finance Committee is responsible for:

  • Working with the Board and Management to create a financial plan for the Association, allowing for continued financial soundness and planning for future projects within the community.
  • Advising the Board on investment policies and making recommendations on short and long-term investments.
  • Assisting the Board in selecting an auditor to review annual financial statements.
  • Assisting the Board in preparing the annual budget and communicating the information to the membership.
  • Reviewing the Association’s risk management program.
  • Meeting on a quarterly basis to review financial statements.

3)     Landscape: (Architect, Landscape, Real Estate, Designer, Artist, Graphic Designer)

Volunteers should be subject matter experts and/or knowledgeable in landscape design, maintenance and gardening. 

The Landscape Committee is responsible for:

  • Review maintenance of the common area landscape.
  • Working with manager on the landscape master plans.
  • Recommending upgrades or additions to the landscape in the Riverlake common areas.
  • Abiding by the CC&Rs.

4)     Public Relations (PR) & Communications: (Journalism, Teaching, Human Resources, Marketing)

Volunteers should be subject matter experts and/or knowledgeable in the practice of information sharing and maintaining clear channels of communication.

The PR & Communications Committee is responsible for:

  • Assisting the General Manager in communicating information to each property owner.
  • Assisting Riverlake’s need to remain a premier property owner location.
  • Building a network that facilitates regular contact with each property owner.
  • Helping the General Manager with topic items and editing for the quarterly newsletter.
  • Be a liaison in your own village and assist other village liaisons to be the “voice” of their respective villages.
  • Assisting with your village concerns, issues, and suggestions. 

5)     Security Committee: (Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Criminal Justice, Cyber Security)

Volunteers should be subject matter experts and/or should be knowledgeable in procedures to reduce and deter crime and increase awareness of neighborhood activities.  

The Security Committee is responsible for:

  • Review daily security reports.
  • Establishing a corporative relationship with the City of Sacramento Police Department.

6)     Engineering and Construction Committee: (Architect, Engineer, Legal Experience, Project Management)

Volunteers should be subject matter experts and/or should be knowledgeable in the process of design and planning.

The Engineering and Construction Committee is responsible for:

  • Establishing a client relationship with various consultants (i.e. CA licensed engineer, architect, etc.) for the purpose of developing design, drawing, specification, contract, bid and other documents, as required.
  • Reviewing, evaluating, and prioritizing the condition of the association facilities. (i.e. docks, bulkheads, fences, cobbles, gates, wall roads, building structures, etc.)
  • Monitoring budget and construction costs.
  • Making periodic and final inspection with consultants of work in progress.
  • Reviewing and commenting on Reserve Studies.

If you are interested, please click the link above to complete the volunteer application form and email it to aa@riverlake.org or return it to the Riverlake Office, 799 Lake Front Drive.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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