Riverlake Community Association


Committee Meetings and Reviews: There are various committees available to meet with homeowners about any concerns or questions they may have. The following describes the Committees and what they are responsible for:

  • Architectural Review Committee: Review homeowner requests for changes to landscape and exterior features of home or property. Also, investigates complaints about CC&R violations involving homeowner properties.
  • Landscape Committee: Review general changes to and maintenance of common area landscape. This includes areas maintained by the Association (Islands, Coleman Ranch and Stillwater II).
  • Security Committee: Meets with security company on a regular basis to discuss security related issues; such as, contract, procedures, services, etc. 
  • Finance Committee: Meets regularly to review expenses, financial reports, etc.
  • Engineering & Construction Committee: Meets regularly to review the condition of assets for improvement and repairs.
  • Communications & PR Committee: Meets regularly with staff to review mass mailings to homeowners, compose newsletters, gather input from the members, etc.

Members are welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about the inner operations of the Association. Meeting dates and times are listed on the calendar page of this website. You may also send a request to one of the committees through email or mail to info@riverlake.or and staff will forward it to the Chairperson and add it to the next schedule meeting agenda.

 Call for Board Member Candidates
The annual election of new members of the Association’s two Boards will be held this fall. The following Board Member’s terms are expiring:

  • Riverlake Community Association – Calvin Gladden, David Skeen, and Richard SooHoo
  • Riverlake Lake Association – Bob Murphy and Richard SooHoo.


Board Members are elected for a two-year term and are considered volunteers.   To prepare for the election of new Board Members, Riverlake staffs are actively encouraging interested homeowners to consider serving in this capacity. If you have the following or other talents and abilities, please consider volunteering:


  • A strong belief in self-government and a desire to improve the Riverlake community. The most valuable board members value stewardship and have strong skills and experience in planning for the future, formulating strategic plans, setting priorities, and monitoring performance.
  •  A willingness to commit their time to participating in Association meetings and projects. All Board members must be able to prepare for and attend Board Meetings at least once a month.


There are three (3) seats open on the Community Association Board and two (2) on the Lake Association Board.  Candidates may run for either or both Association Boards.


You may nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else. To be considered a nominee, please submit a candidate form by October 2, 2014.

Click link for the Candidate Form 

 Board Meetings
The LAKE board meeting for
September has been cancelled due to lack of business to attend to - we wil return to regularly schedule meetings on the fourth Wednesday in October.

The Community board meeting will take place on Thursday, 
September 25th at 6:00 p.m.
Please note - the meeting loction has been changed to St. Anthony's Church in the St. Mary's Conference Room located at
660 Florin Road. 

The following is for informational purposes only - the Association doesn't moniter or regulate water usage.

City of Sacramento Water Schedule - New Schedule Begins March 9, 2014

Watering Allowed on TWO Days this Spring & Summer

The Sacramento region has been experiencing record-breaking dry conditions, and the Governor has declared a statewide drought emergency. While we still may experience some wet weather this year, it is unlikely to provide significant relief from the effects of two back-to-back dry winters.

Everyone needs to do their part to conserve water. Making small changes can save hundreds of gallons of water, keeping more in the rivers that make Sacramento unique.

Remember: Overwatering, ponding water and runoff (water running from yards onto sidewalks and gutters) is NEVER allowed.

Call 311 to report water misuse or for information about fee water wise services and rebates.

Master Landscape Plan Workshops

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