Before embarking on any home improvement, it is a good idea to determine whether an application is required.

Applications are forwarded from management to the committee for review.  After the ARC reviews the applications, it makes its recommendations for approval or rejection at the next scheduled ARC meeting.

When completing your application, the ARC and management want you to include certain things to make the approval process painless for everyone.

  1. Please fill out one application for each improvement. That way, if one is not approved, it does not delay approval for other projects that you may have in the works.
  2. If your project will impact your neighbors in any way, either during implementation or when installed, please inform them. This is not asking for neighbor “approval”, but it lets the committee know that you’ve informed anyone who might be affected by your project.
  3. Include a floor plan with your application, showing the proposed improvements. 
  4. The committee will want a detailed description of what you are proposing. Often the best way to describe the project is to include the contractor’s proposal, photos,  and any applicable promotional materials. Don’t forget to include the contractor’s contact information– this can be invaluable to the committee.



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Preliminary Landscape Design Plan​ - Stillwater Entries



The Riverlake Board of Directors (as per the Davis Sterling Act) has appointed an Architectural Review Committee (ARC), whose responsibility is to review, approve, or deny all improvements, alterations and/or additions to your lot or exterior of your home.

The ARC is responsible to uphold the Riverlake mission statement and to maintain, preserve and enhance the value of the Riverlake Community and member’s properties.  Please keep in mind that all alterations, additions, and/or improvements require an Architectural Review Application and approval by the ARC before embarking on any exterior home/landscape improvements.

The ARC has established Architectural Guidelines to help facilitate the design and construction of home improvements. This document is intended to highlight and clarify the most used and referenced areas that should be used in conjunction with your complete CC&Rs. The ARC is also responsible to periodically determine any necessary changes to the guidelines as they deem appropriate and to make recommendations to the Board for updating,
expanding, and clarifying these guidelines.  A 30-day membership posting is required prior to the board’s approval of change of Architectural Guidelines.

If you have questions about specific requirements please contact Aletha Hill at (916) 395-7462.  She will be happy to schedule you a meeting with you and the Architectural Review Committee or its chairperson for clarifications or answers to your questions. 

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