Riverlake Community Association

Bernard Bowler, President

Resident of Stillwater & The Islands

Term Expires 2023

Theresa Taylor-Carroll, Vice President
Resident of Dutra Bend
Term Expires 2023

Kingman Louie, CFO

Resident of Cobble Shores

Term Expires 2024

Robert Woods, Secretary
Resident of Marina Cove
Term Expires 2024

Stacey Hunter Schwartz, Director

Resident of Stillwater

Term Expires 2024

Brian Louie, Director 

Resident of Stillwater II

Term Expires 2023

Staci Lai, Director

Resident of Northland

Term Expires 2023

rLa board

rca board

Brian Allen

General Manager

Aletha Hill 

Administrative Services Manager

Margarita Ortiz

Administrative Assistant

Raul Rios

Maintenance Technician

riverlake staff

Stacey Hunter Schwartz, President
Resident of Stillwater
Term Expires 2024

Omar Gonzalez, Vice President
Resident of Southshore
Term Expires 2024

Richard SooHoo Treasurer

Resident of Cobble Shores
Term Expires 2023

Bernard Bowler, Secretary

Resident of Stillwater & The Islands

Term Expires 2023

Charlayne Sakamoto, Director
Resident of West Shore
Term Expires 2023