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Bylaws establish policies and procedures for the governing of an association.  They set qualifications for the election of directors, their number and term of office, their powers and duties, the appointment of officers, when and how meetings are held, quorum and voting requirements, appointment of committees, etc.

Read more: Bylaws – Riverlake COMMUNITY Association 2019 Restated Bylaws
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Bylaws – Riverlake LAKE Association 2019 Restated Bylaws

Rules & Regulations

Articles of Incorporation - Riverlake Community Association

Articles of Incorporation - Riverlake lake Association

Architectural Review Guidelines

Collection Policy

CPA Review - Riverlake Community Association

CPA Review - Riverlake Lake Association

Election Rules - Riverlake Community Association

Election Rules - Riverlake Lake Association

Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice of Desire to be a Candidate




Riverlake Community Association and Riverlake Lake Association are proud to announce that the "Restated Master Declaration of CC&Rs for Riverlake", the "Restated Bylaws of Riverlake Community Association" and the "Restated Bylaws of Riverlake Lake Association" were all approved.  Thank you to everyone who participated in all aspects of this very important project.  Over 94% of the entire membership voted, and of those who voted, over 91% voted to approve the new documents.

The new Bylaws for each Association became effective on June 14, 2019.  The new CC&Rs for the development became effective on October 1, 2019.  Copies of the new documents are available below.

The CC&Rs set forth the responsibilities of the homeowners’ associations and the homeowners. They also outline how our two Associations live and operate together.  The CC&Rs are the highest level of governing document in our Associations, only overruled by the law.  (The original CC&Rs were created by Parker Development when Riverlake was first subdivided and developed in 1986.)  The Bylaws dictate how each Association operates as an organization.  Our Boards of Directors refer to these documents to make all decisions for our Associations.

Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) describe the rights and obligations of the membership to the association and the association to the membership.​

Read more: CC&Rs – Riverlake 2019 Restated Master Declaration of CC&Rs

policy review

CC&Rs & Bylaws restated


Annual Election Results - Riverlake Community Association

Annual Election Results - Riverlake Lake Association

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